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AC Cabin Solar Power Kit

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AC Cabin Solar Power Kit

This AC cabin solar power kit is perfect for that cabin in the woods. It is pole mounted for ease of installtion and includeds six Kyocera solar panels fill your batteries with power from the sun. This solar power kit uses a 750 watt Kyocera solar panel array that produces on average 112.5 KWH per month. The 2,000 watt Magnum sinewave inverter can run just about all your 120 volt AC loads as long as they draw less than 2000 watts. Pre-wired and tested, the Power Center is ready to hang on the wall, hook up to solar panels and start to work. This solar power home kit also comes with a battery monitor to keep the system operating in peak condition. This AC cabin solar power kit comes with everything needed to install it today. AC Cabin Solar Power Kit Features 1 IronRidge UNI-TP/08LL Top of Pole Mount 50 10/2 Tray Cable 10/2 per foot 1 MidNite MNPV-3, 3 Position Combiner Box 2 CBI OBPV-15 DC Breaker 150 VDC din-rail mounted 1 Magnum Power Center MS2012/1, 2,000 watts 120VAC. This power center is pre-assembled, pre-wired and pre-tested! 1 Outback FM80 & Breakers installed on Magnum Power Center 6 Lay-in Ground Lug with Stainless Screw (1) 1 Magnum ME-BMK Battery Monitor 1 4/0 – 120″ UL Cable, Battery/Inverter (black) 1 4/0 – 120″ UL Cable, Battery/Inverter (red) 4 2/0 – 12″ UL Cable, Battery Interconnect (black) 6 2/0 – 18″ UL Cable, Battery Interconnect (black) 8 UPG UB-GC2 AGM 200 aH 6V Battery

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