Aug 29

Click the link above to see and compare the best Resource Websites of the coolest Lower Back Tattoo Designs for Girls: butterfly lower back tattoos, celtic lower back tattoo, celtic lower back tattoos

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Chopper Tattoo

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Aug 17

This is the video that I show every client before they get their tattoo, which explains in great detail why I believe it is necessary to use entirely new tattoo equipment. I used to autoclave tattoo equipment… but I now firmly believe it is morally necessary to use NOTHING that has EVER come into contact with anyone’s blood. No matter who does your tattoo……..I want you to be an informed consumer. For more information visit:

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Aug 5


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Jul 28

Some interesting tattoos you may like.

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Elvenking – Neverending Nights

Buy High Quality Cheap Tattoo Designs:

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