Oct 15

Tattoo is For Life. It is worth making an effort to find a Tattoo design which is special and people will look up to. Visit our ocean of inspiration and complete resource for people looking for tattoo ideas online at http://www.cooltattoodesign.com

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Oct 14

I need monotone or very simple clipart, open source preferably that would work well on an anti-tattoo t-shirt design. Ideally I need your standard tribal-type tat pictured on a womans lower back that will show up well in black and white that does not contain nudity or the nudity portion is easily removed but you still get the picture of what it is and where it is located on the body. I'll award best answer today if you find me what I need or draw one for me and post it to a web site for my download.
Umm, I'm gonna delete this if I don't get any answers by tomorrow.
Well, I mean any good answers.
Good job wildchild. Let's see if there are any more answers coming for a bit before I award best answer.

Here's one shirt I designed. There should be a few more on this link in a little while:


Heres a redi-made one:


Oct 12

is there any websites that dont charge you to look at different designs?
also, how much will it cost (i live in massachusetts)?

Just go to a tattoo parlor and browse through their album, but wait a few days so that you have time to decide.

Oct 10

I want to get a tribal elephant tattoo on my lower back and am having trouble finding designs. Can anyone give me some links or is anyone interested in designing one for me? My email is xfantasyrosex@yahoo.com. Thanks!
Any other suggestions for a unique tattoo designed would also be interesting to learn about.

http://www.bmezine.com <~ that is the best online resource for tattoo ideas. Every artist I know is familiar with, and uses it as well.

Go to the main page, go to "tattoo images" and then under that there should be an entire section just of tribal tattoos that you can look through.

Happy hunting! <3

Oct 8

please dont give me answer like it depends on the design I'm just wanting an idea: 1/2 hour, 1 hour, 2 hours?

Lower back at spine can be very painful too. You might have to do it in two or three trips. Especially if there is a lot of detail. If it is a simple design with little fill in, it can be done in two hours. Make sure you get new needles and that you are not using community ink! Have you heard of Hepatitis C? It is a common liver condition that there is no cure for that you can get from getting tattoo's. Causes cirrhosis's of the liver then liver cancer then you die.

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