Your Lower Back Tattoo Design.


Since the turn of the century society became much more lenient with regards of what is acceptable as far as the sexes are concerned.  This shift includes the wearing of tattoos.  Because of this leniency these days it is quite acceptable for women to sport tattoos.  In the past it was frowned upon if a woman had a tattoo, but not any more.  The effect of this is that a fast growing number of women have tattoos.

Among the most popular preferred by women are Lower Back Tattoo Designs.  These types of tattoos can be incredibly sexy and because of the location can be shown or covered up easily as the occasion demands.

One of the most important issues is the choice of an appropriate design.  Because of the shape of the lower back, which in the case of the ladies, is a sensual hour glass, any design in the form of a V, with the major part of the design in the center and then flowing out to the sides in an upwards curve is ideal.  Quite a lot of Celtic Tattoo Designs are suited for this purpose.  Any winged creatures like butterflies, dragonflies, hummingbirds and even fairies fit this description.  These designs can be combined with a number of  floral or other designs to get the right effect.

Getting a good design can be quite a struggle.  Yeah right – there are quite a lot of places online where you can look for free designs, but choosing a lower back tattoo design just because it is free is a catastrophe looking for a place to happen.  Remember, a tattoo lasts a long-long time.  If you screw up the tattoo it will cause a lot of unhappiness and/or a lot of money and pain to have it removed.  Use the free places to give you ideas, however, it is well worth paying for a unique design you can wear with pride.  Combining designs usually will result in a unique tattoo unlike any other. After you’ve chosen your design it’s a very good idea to see how it looks on a body (like in a video).  Flat surfaces ore one-dimensional and a design can look quite different in three dimensions.

Of course, lower back tattoo designs are not only for the ladies.  Something more masculine like a dragon or an eagle with outspread wings is a good choice for a man.  One of the most famous men wearing a lower back tattoo is David Beckham.

So in conclusion.  Think about what you want,  look for ideas, buy a unique design of a high standard from a reputable tattoo artist and enjoy the thrill of your own lower back tattoo for the rest of your life.

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